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Relationship Chemistry For Women – Release Tension During A Negative Feelings Purge With Girlfriends

Ladies, feeling stressed? If so, your brain already knows it. That’s the reason you can feel the effects of your stress physically. Notice your shoulders. Are they tense? Getting a headache or neck ache? Or, have you withdrawn and feel an upset stomach or heart palpitations? Would you prefer to feel calmer and release some of that tension? Well, there are actually some natural things you can do to reduce your stress. One of those things is doing a negative feelings purge with girlfriends. Sound like a good idea? Here’s more you can do to increase production of your feel good hormone oxytocin and your neurotransmitter serotonin to feel better fast.

What Is Your Brain’s Nature?

Work according to your brain’s nature and you’ll feel better faster during upsetting life situations. Men make and can store 50% more of the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter called serotonin to calm their emotional center in their brains than women can. However, a female’s brain is designed to act emotionally so she naturally feels like focusing on caring for her children and on staying connected in the community via relationships. So, women really are chemically very emotional compared with men.

Accept that a woman’s brain is designed chemically to act more emotionally expressive than a man’s brain. When a woman expresses her emotional feelings and she feels heard, she increases her serotonin levels. When she does this, she feels better.

Work According To Your Brain’s Nature To Quickly Release Upset Feelings

A simple way for a woman to naturally increase her serotonin levels and to feel better is to purge her upset feelings without being judged for whatever she says. This is best done when she is with girlfriends who can relate to what the upset friend is already experiencing. Here are more guidelines about the purge.

1. The upset woman says anything she wants to say.

2. The listening girlfriend is to hear whatever is said without judging it.

3. The listening girlfriend listens for 10 minutes without giving advice during the purge. If the purging woman imagines that she needs more time, she asks to continue. However, if the listening woman only wants to listen for 10 minutes, the purging woman will respect the listener’s time limits and feelings about the limited purge time.

4. Return the listening favor to other girlfriends. Having only one girlfriend do the listening can be exhausting for the listener.

5. At the end of the purge, the purging woman can ask the listener for advice or the listener can ask the purging woman if she wants advice. It’s very important to only offer advice after the purging session is complete.

6. Then, the woman purging her feelings can describe her thoughts and feelings about any events occurring in her life.

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