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The Fundamental Process for Personal Life Success

“I don’t like him”

“He is good”

“She is bad”

“He doesn’t want me successful”

“This work is bad”

“She is good communicator with me”

“The teachers hate me”

“My manager is bad, I am better than him”

After you listen for all these pervious sentences, feel you said one of them. Today you will learn how to have fundament of personal life success.

Before you begin this step, answer the following questions:

How can you decide if someone good or bad?

How can you fee if someone effective communicator or not?

How can you say that person unlike me, he is different!

How can you see if your friends like your work or not?

How can you feel if someone wants to help you or not?

How can you say that situation is right or wrong?

If you want to be successful in evaluating multiple life process, you should ask yourself one question:

Who change first; me or my community?

The secret today is to change your thoughts in evaluating life processes…

When you feel that someone is unlike you and different, you hate him and want to discontinue your friendship with him. But if you said he is good, bad, unlike me, hate me, want to win me in work … all of those are according to your thoughts or serious of building characters in your mind. These series become a thoughts and if you see something different than your thoughts, you will decide according to your thoughts.

When you change your thoughts, you will be successful person.

Today you try to be flexible with accepting what others say. Try to be flexible with new creative thinking in your friends, work and colleagues relationships.

Today you will change yourself from being evaluator and to be helper to every one; your friend, community and the world.

You will change your brain filters in evaluating life processes and you will become highly effective world breakthrough.

My friend, you have the key and you just have to open the lock and this lock is your brain filters so do it now.

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