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Do You Put Your Constituents FIRST?

Why do you want to be a leader? What do you hope to accomplish? How often do you objectively evaluate your reasons, perceptions, motivation, and who, you should be answering to? Is leading, all about you, or do you focus on the needs, concerns and priorities, of those you represent? Are you self – serving, or serve others? How deeply do you care? How will you evaluate, if you put your constituents FIRST Let’s review what this means, using the mnemonic approach.

1. Face facts; find; fair; faithful; follow: Are you willing to objectively face the facts, with your eyes wide – open? Will do strive to find the best solutions? How will you, be certain, you are consistently, fair? Are you faithful to your principles? Why should anyone believe in you, and follow your leadership?

2. Ideas; integrity; intuition; ingenuity; imagination: What makes your ideas valuable? Are you ready, willing and able, to maintain absolute integrity? Will you develop the quality intuition, and ingenuity, which will serve others? Is your imagination, fully developed, so you might better serve?

3. Realistic; rationale; reasons; ramifications: How realistic are your objectives and plans? Can you effectively articulate your compelling rationale? Are your reasons focused on others? Will you commit to always consider ramifications of actions, or avoidance?

4. Strength; service; sustainable system: Do you make those around you stronger? What is the level of your commitment to service? Will you conceive off, create, develop and implement, a quality, sustainable system?

5. Timely; truth; trust: How committed are you to always tell the truth, even if it is challenging? Will you earn the trust of those you represent? Why should others trust and believe in you?

One should never be a leader, if he does not proceed to put his constituents FIRST? Will you take that pledge?

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